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    Naci Factory Shop

    Supplier of home decor photo frames, mirrors, wall art, canvas and gifts.

    152 Magwaza Maphalala Street (Gale Street), Durban, KZN

    Mon - Thurs 07:30 - 17:00, Fri 07:30 - 14:00, Sat 08:30 - 12:00


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    About Us

    Factory Shops SA aims to support the Factory Shopping culture across South Africa. This means helping consumers find the best deals and in turn driving more traffic to Factory Shops. Our innovative mobile app, marketplace website and Facebook page are the basis for creating an ecosystem. Using our ecosystem consumers can find great online deals, find the physical location of Factory Shops and ultimately help Factory Shops to engage with more consumers, creating greater visibility for their brands.

    Our Commitment

    We understand how important it is to know where your goods come from and so we only deal with reputable companies and all goods are shipped from within South Africa. This means you can be confident that all products listed on our website are from companies that are authorised resellers in South Africa for the brands they carry.

    Shipping Information

    We get a kick out of bringing you the latest deals and best prices instead of wasting resources on things like warehouses. This means all goods are delivered directly to your door from your favourite factory shop. Because of this, Jeff in logistics told us you may get multiple deliveries and courier charges if you order from different factory shops. Jeff did say he would however do his best to constantly shop for the best prices from the couriers.

    Returns Policy

    We do understand that you might have changed your mind, it doesn’t fit or something else went wrong. We don’t warehouse any goods so every time we have a return Sipho has to initiate “operation get product back to factory shop”. To keep Sipho happy we have to charge a handling fee which is the cost of couriering the goods back to us and it needs to all happen within 30 days.
    Please email us at returns@factoryshopssa.co.za with your order number and contact details and we will get on it. If you want to read the long version of the buyers T’s & C’s and returns policy, please click here


    Factory Shops SA is an ecosystem that allows you to sell, advertise and deliver your products to thousands of factory shopping fans nationwide. If you would like to utilise our innovative mobile app (downloaded over 158,000 times), our social media platform and factoryshopssa.co.za marketplace to reach more customers, contact us at support@factoryshopssa.co.za.
    Please note that only companies that are authorised resellers of the brands they carry will be allowed to advertise and sell on our platforms.